Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A happy ending to a dog pound tale.

I've got nothing to post on today. Still housebound and going stir crazy here.

However, things are going on out in the world, and few of these things please me as much as the tale of Maggie, one of Belle's former poundmates over at the animal shelter.

Maggie's a cute young thing. Back in my day, we'd call her a mutt, but I think that the current label is "designer dog". Not sure exactly what went into Maggie's design, but she sure got a good dose of personality, as my friends John and Cathy, who adopted her shortly after I took Belle, are finding out.
Maggie was found walking down the road back in October, and no one ever came to the pound looking for her. But after several visits to the pound to see her and pay with her, John and Cathy took her home a couple of weeks ago, saving her life and giving her a new start and a new family.
I was over there for dinner the other night, and it was amazing to see how she's already bonded with them. This dog is so happy and loving and playful, you can't help but smile as you watch her. Yeah, she's got a couple of minor issues to work though as she settles in, but you're going to get that any time you take in a dog with a bit of a history. But it's worth it, and once you get to know each other and things settle out, how can you even begin to put a price tag on the love that you get back?
If you don't have a dog yet, go to the local animal shelter and save one today. Everyone needs a best friend.


  1. Indeed ML! I would, but jerk next door has four rotties and I have no fence (yet) for the back yard. I have nothing against rotties, but this guy is a total jerk to them.

  2. I think the perfect description for them is "mongrel", as we all are. My mongrel was a too young puppy, but not by much, when we took her in against my specific orders. Wives and daughters sometimes know best, I suppose, even if not often. She's a sweet and loving dog. She's getting on in years and there aren't many more left to her. We'll enjoy her company while we can.

    There's a "pure bred" around also. She needed rescuing. As you well know it ain't just the mongrels who wind up in pounds. She's not a daily part of my life but dang, she's given me more laughs than days I've had with her.

    They are wonderful critters, aren't they.

  3. That's great!!! This kind of story brightens up my day!

  4. she's at least part aussie cattle dog...specifically the red variety. the "blue" variety is what you see accompanying Mad Max.

    the new owners may want to help her lose a few pounds, then get her on a running schedule. and give her a job. they're up there in intelligence.

    1. Thanks Laura,

      I know that they've got the "part cattle dog" bit nailed down, not sure as to the rest. Dog do seem smart. And yeah, they're spending a fair bit of time walking her and they're controlling her foods intake. Good folks, they are.

    2. glad to hear it. :) she certainly looks like a sweetie, and she appears to be happy to be in a home! good luck to'em.

      (mind, i'm saying "give her a job" while struggling with my crazy dobergator at home...lol. easier said than done with the smart ones.)