Monday, January 06, 2014

Bachelor Time!

It's just me and Murphy for a couple of days now. This morning I dropped Miss Belle off at the vet for her heartworm treatment. It's a two-day process and they keep her overnight, so it's just me and the Murphster tonight.

And of course he showed his appreciation by promptly reverting to his old self and cleaning the kitchen counter of a frying pan, a bowl that still had some food in it, and a microwave popcorn bag, which he kindly shredded all over the living room in the hour or so that I was gone.

He hasn't done this once since Belle got here, and as soon as she's gone he does it again. Interesting.

At the vet, we fortuitously ran into some friends.
John, a reader of this blog and friend from church, also adopted a dog from the pound after hearing about Belle. John was at the vet this morning getting that dog, Maggie, spayed and tuned up, and one of Belle's favorite animal control officers was there as well, dropping Maggie off. So there was that reunion, which went well until Maggie decided to snap at Belle a couple of times.

And Belle was so sweet and well-behaved at the vet. When they came to get her, she went into the back with them so nicely that I almost didn't even see her go. This was a real change from a vet visit with Murphy, who always throws fits and fights and screams as soon as he realizes that he's going in the back and I'm not.

Take care, sweetie. We'll see you when you get home. And there's a new dog toy (for each of you) waiting.

Afterwards, John and I went out to grab breakfast. And at the local eatery, we spied this little car, whose owner apparently isn't afraid to make his or her feelings known.
Seeing that, I left with just a bit more hope for America.


  1. I like that car (and its owner)!

    I hope all goes well with Belle, and that Murph calms down again.

  2. Heh... Belle IS a calming influence... Good luck with her treatment!

  3. Prayers for a successful treatment for Miss Belle. She's gonna be soooo happy to see you again!

  4. Poor Girl--I hope she will be okay.

    As far as that car with all the bumper stickers...I would have found out who in the restaurant owned that vehicle and paid his bill. That's awesome.

  5. Anonymous7:42 PM

    +1 Rev.Paul

  6. @ MTL: Wish I'd thought of that.

    And on Belle's behalf, thanks.