Monday, January 13, 2014

Because laws that ban guns work so well in Chicago

In the Democrat stronghold of Chicago, where no one is allowed to possess a handgun, everyone complies and no one ever gets shot, right?
Chicagoland: Woman Fatally Shoots Brother During Argument Over Whether Her Gun Would Fire
You just can't make stuff this farcical up.

At the scene, Joeann Smith told police that she and her brother began playing with her loaded Rosco .22-caliber revolver while they were drinking Seagrams Gin and King Cobra beer. According to the police report, the pair was going to fire the gun into the air from the back porch, but Mr. Smith said the gun would not fire because the bullets were old.

I guess that she showed him.

But give the media a day or two and somehow this will be our fault.


  1. While tragic, there is much Darwin in just that short paragraph.

  2. Of course it will... But strangely, THAT death isn't reported in the weekend stats... They only say 1 dead, 7 shot...