Thursday, January 09, 2014

Detroit--the gag gift that keeps on giving

A new year in Detroit, and a fresh start for the City Clowncil. It was just a couple of days ago that the Clowns met together and elected Brenda Jones Council as their President and Harold Cushingberry Jr., as President Pro Tem. So what does Cushingberry do? Well in true Detroiter fashion, he goes right out to a strip club and then leads Detroit Police on a short chase as he's leaving, after which he's discovered to have marijuana and an open container of alcohol in his car.

But this being Detroit, a police supervisor came along and not only did Cushingberry not go to jail as any common citizen would have, but the incident wasn't even officially reported up the chain of command, as per city policy.

Detroit police probing why Cushingberry wasn't arrested during traffic stop
Two sources familiar with the investigation said the councilman was leaving Starvin Marvin’s and almost hit police officers...

According to sources after almost being hit, the officers gave chase, but the councilman did not stop. Another car was called in to help with the chase.

The source said officers finally stopped Cushingberry’s car and spotted the open alcohol container and smelled marijuana.

“When they finally stopped him, he took off again,” the source said. “Then, he was stopped a second time and (Cushingberry) flashed his City Council ID card. There was another guy in the car who had a medical marijuana card, but it doesn’t matter; you’re not allowed to smoke in the car. A supervisor came over and put the kibosh on it, and issued a ticket for failure to signal. The officers did exactly what they were supposed to do.”

And the money comment from the article:

Detroit-based political analyst Steve Hood said “it'll be bad,” if the allegations are true, but they won't end Cushingberry's career.

"It's always damaging," Hood said. "Is it career ending, no?”

Break the law, get caught, drive off smiling with no consequences...but only if you are a "public servant" in a high position. Anyone else would have gone right to jail.

Of course Cushingberry has been a POS for decades and every voter in Detroit knows it, yet they keep electing him to any office that he wants. They've already made him a state representative for nine years and a county commissioner for sixteen. And in return, he embarrasses them and flouts the law with impunity.

And Detroiters wonder why the rest of that state and the rest of the country consider them a joke and refuse to bail them out any longer. Tell you what, Detroit...clean your house and get rid of some of the vermin and then we'll have something to talk about.

UPDATE: There's more in today's news.


  1. Or burn what's left of it to the ground & start over.

    Oh, did I say that out loud?

    1. Start over? Nah, salt the earth.

  2. Another real winner eh?

  3. Maybe he can lead Obama's Promise Zone renewal plan? Sounds like he knows how to work the system, and the seedier parts of the town.

  4. In other news, the illustrious former boy mayor of Motown had been living in the high-tone town next to mine, until he took up residence in government quarters. And just this week, said mayor's father reported for a one year stay in a North Texas facility.

    I guess it's All in the Family, huh?

  5. Anonymous10:38 PM

    +1 Rev.Paul

  6. Even better, Cushingberry now claiming he's the victim of racial profiling and that while he had a shot of rum with dinner, the bottle in his car had been empty from a week before.

    He wants the Detroit police to get more sensitivity training to deal with racial issues.

    Sheesh, the Detroit City Clowncil sure lives up to its name.