Friday, January 03, 2014

Hers, all hers.

Dear Grandma Santa...
Thank you for the nice Wubba toys. Next year though, you might want to get Murphy a toy, too.

Miss Memphis Belle.


  1. Were you surprised that Belle was now in charge?

  2. I simply cannot resist that face. She'd have me wrapped around her paw in about 2 seconds!

  3. @ Sport Pilot: I saw a bit of this at the pound, but wasn't really sure how it would go back here. It's common for the female to grab the Alpha role though, so not too surprised. She'e pretty much a benevolent dictatoress though, except with these two toys, which she treats like puppies.

    @ OldAFSarge and Six: Yeah, she's got "the look" down pat.

  4. Awwww.

    I just want to give her a billy rub - and a squeaky toy... and a thrown ball... and of course I'll give you walkies.... wait, what? Pardon me, I got sucked into dog mind control for a second there.

    Puppy Dog Eyes are a cliche for a reason!

  5. Yeah, she's got it down. Try ti eat a cookie and she comes in with that look, all 75lbs of cuddle and love, and she walks out with the cookie every time.

    Murphy just strides in, looks you in the eye and takes the cookie.

    Either way, you ain't eating many cookies over here.

  6. LOL, she's NOW in charge...

  7. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Miss Belle looks like a sweetheart

  8. I was beginning to question your intelligence when you said you were getting another dog. 2 Murphy's would be enough to drive a man to drink, or make him quit depending on the situation.

    However I think you've shown that you are both smart and lucky and came home with another great dog!