Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Movie Review--Five Card Stud

With nothing better to do, the dogs and I decided to review another free movie that we found on Amazon.

This one is Five Card Stud, starting Dean Martin as gambler Van Morgan. Morgan is one card player at a game one night where a new payer is caught cheating. The other players, led by a young Roddy McDowall, lynch the new player despite Morgan's effort to stop them. A disgusted Morgan then leaves town, but returns when other players from that game start turning up murdered. Also new to town is a gunslinging preacher named Jonathan Rudd, played by Robert Mitchum. Rudd preaches repentance as Morgan hunts the killer and romances the town's barber/madam, Lily Langford, played by Inger Stevens. The body count rises and eventually culminates in a pretty epic showdown between Morgan and the killer. It also stars Yaphet Kotto and Denver Pyle. (You couldn't very well have a western back in the late 1960s without Denver Pyle in some role.)

Watch the whole movie, or just enjoy this trailer.

Dogs and I give it 4 paws up, just for Martin and Mitchum being cool.


  1. And Inger Stevens.....GAWD whatta babe!

  2. Anonymous9:44 AM

    They were always cool!


    And poor Inger - another suicide.

  3. @ armed: Really? I did not know that. Shame.

    Looking into that though, I see that she was married twice and also romantically linked to Bing Crosby, Anthony Quinn, Dean Martin, Clint Eastwood, Harry Belafonte, Mario Lanza and Burt Reynolds. She definitely got around, didn't she?

  4. I always liked her in "Hang 'Em High".

  5. Dean Martin was such a hottie...

  6. I remember Ingar Stevens in my favorite Clint Eastwood movie "Hang them high". She was a babe. I will check the movie you mentioned out, I like the older movies, the morality was simpler and there was none of the overdone violence and preachiness of the fare in this day and age. Did you use an app to watch it on a smart TV?