Friday, January 31, 2014

Proof that Americans are tougher than Canadians.

And no, this is not a comparison between Justin Bieber and..well, anybody. That'd be too easy.

No, this is about how Americans are tough enough to go through wood chippers and live, while Canadians are apparently still trying to survive a ride on the common escalator...and failing.

It's gotta be a genetic thing. "Murica! Eff yeah!"

So now I'm thinking, how do we get Justin Bieber onto an escalator? Maybe one that takes him to the top of a wood chipper, just to be sure.

Damn, I really got to start getting out of this house.


  1. Yeah, maybe just a bit too much time on YouTube, huh? :^)

  2. Oh damn... Sounds like that left a 'few' marks...

  3. Oh c'mon, she's from Quebec. That's like making a judgement about all Americans based on somebody from Kalifornia. :P

    1. Hmmmm...You may have me there. I've met a few Quebecois in my day. They really hate it when you call them "Canadians".

  4. Anonymous5:36 PM

    The man in the chipper will have a story to tell about getting chipped