Saturday, January 18, 2014

Yeah, so? Ex-Court Justice complains that her status gets her harsher punishment.

Everybody pity poor Dianne Hathaway, the disbarred attorney and former Michigan Supreme Court Justice (and Democrat) who was sentenced to federal prison last year for bank mortgage fraud. She's now crying that if she were anyone else, she'd be getting released to a half-way house already.

Ex-Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway wants out of Camp Cupcake

No sympathy here. She knew what she was doing was wrong when she did it, and as one of the highest elected officials in the state, she should fall harder. People who hold public trust positions need to pay more when they abuse that trust for personal gain, and that includes every elected official, police officers, teachers, political appointees, etc.. If you come to the people and promise fealty in exchange for a job and you then commit a crime while in the peoples' employ, you need to do more time as a rule, not less, and you need to forfeit any public pension. In a fair and just world, she'd get an extra year just for breaching her oath and dishonoring her office. But this is not a fair world, and when she is released, she'll retire to one of the houses that she and her un-indicted co-conspirator husband still own and enjoy her golden years in style courtesy of her lavish $100,000 per year pension, which she still keeps. In fact, she started drawing it last year, just before going to prison....ain't public office great?


  1. Yep, when I'm elected emperor of the world, betrayal of public trust will mean an automatic doubling of the maximum sentence with no possibility of parole. But I've always been a softy at heart.

  2. My sympathy meter on a Supreme Court justice committing real estate fraud is unsurprising registering all-time low levels. She knew what she was doing, she got caught, and now she darn well should be an example to her fellow Democrats of what happens when you do the crime. Her pension should be forfeit, but that's too much to wish for I suppose.

  3. Agreed with all of the above.

  4. Anonymous2:10 AM

    I agree 100%