Monday, February 24, 2014

Farewell Barkley. You will be missed.

The sun shone a little less brightly today. Brigid's wonderful dog Barkley passed on today.

There's not much I can say on this. She made the right choice and she gave him that last unselfish gift that we all owe our faithful friends when the time comes, sparing him a lot of pain even though it means letting go. It's hard, I know. But Barkley was a very lucky dog in that he was loved and adored, both by Brigid and her husband and by many others, some of whom, like me, who only knew him from her blog.

Farewell, Barkley. You were loved.


  1. Indeed. Well said.

  2. ...and knew him from the blog we did...

    Dann in Ohio

  3. A lucky dog, and a lucky owner....

  4. Barkley will be missed by lots of folks.

  5. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Heart breaking