Saturday, February 15, 2014

Great day! UAW gets it's ass handed to it in Tennessee

There is hope for America after all.

The United Auto Worker's latest attempt to force their way in between the workers and plant managers at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee went down in flames yesterday after a vote by the employees in which 89% of the workforce voted, with the majority saying "No thanks, UAW--we don't want to see you take our money and turn Chattanooga into another Detroit."

Loss at Volkswagen plant upends union's plan for U.S. South

Frankly, I was a bit worried when I learned that Volkswagen itself was going to stay neutral and not oppose the union drive, and I'm sure that the UAW figured that they had the vote in the bag or they would never have called for the election. But when secret ballots happen and people can vote without fear of intimidation or reprisal, funny things happen and sometimes even corrupt mobsters lose "sure thing" bets.

The UAW had a lot riding on this effort to try and halt their slide into obscurity and this vote, if anything, put fresh grease on those skids. Hopefully the UAW and other legitimized press gangs like it go the way of the dinosaur and the next generation of kids will have to use a search engine to find out what a labor union was and why they were such a cancer on American productivity. And with any luck, the public-sector unions comprised of people working directly for the taxpayers will be next. If you want high wages and job security, you can always get those things by the simple expedient of being damned good at what you do. Good employees seldom need unions, which serve basically to keep the lowest-performing, most discipline-requiring people on the payroll no matter how useless or counter-productive they are. Politics and the unions' unholy alliance with the Democrat Party aside, true freedom is being able to negotiate your own pay and/or deciding who you will or will not continue to employ, and no one who values freedom can support unions.


  1. Yes, and doubly satisfying considering Obama publicly backed the UAW's unionization effort.

    1. That right there was probably enough to swing the vote. Everything he wants that everyday Americans get a say on goes down in flames.

  2. I agree with you 99.8%, but where I work (and where Aaron worked before he became a barrister) has shown me that there is a need for someone to represent the honest guy trying to do a good job from getting railroaded by petty tyrants that manage them. Not saying we need unions for that, but they do serve that purpose, and I've seen too much abuse of people to think that it is isolated.

    Having said that, I think the UAW getting smoked is a 100% good thing.

  3. Anonymous5:50 PM

    VW Plant Workers 1 Union Thugs 0

  4. The only thing sweeter than hippie tears is fascist tears.

  5. Now, if we can just keep the election out of the hands of Obama's recess-appointed NLRB.