Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow's here.

Well over a foot of it in most of the yard, and even quite a lot on my deck which is somewhat sheltered. Belle appears a bit puzzled but definitely amused by it and Murphy just bulldozes through it.

And it's still coming down, and expected to do so until sometime tonight.

This is a good day to just stay in and watch all those shows that I've never seen before, like Justified and The Walking Dead, which are on Amazon and Netflix, respectively. I'd never seen either before but I'm burning through both of them these past coupe of weeks so I'm just into season two for both.

My thoughts:

In Justified, they sure do kill an awful lot of people in one little Kentucky county, and the only one who seems interested or able to handle it is one US Marshal who has little to no jurisdiction over many of the crimes, however he just keeps shooting folks his own self and he doesn't get suspended or put on administrative duty or anything--they just keep handing him new guns. I'm thinking that I wanna go work for the Marshals' Service now.

In Walking Dead, how is it that everyone except for a small band of dysfunctional misfits dies but said band of losers somehow makes it? These people have no skills, no real foresight or ability to plan, apparently, but THEY live? Really? And why is it that with thousands of abandoned vehicles around for them to use, from showroom-new trucks to military HMMVs, they're driving around in old junk that's 20-30 years old, including a motorhome from the 1970's that always breaks down? And how many times are the kids going to wander off before the adults start making them stay in the cars or just put them on leashes? If they were smart, they'd find someplace defensible to hole up and send out foraging parties, but no, they're just drifting around getting killed piecemeal like those high school kids in an old slasher movie. OMG! That's what this is! Does it get better? Do they get smarter?

The more I watch this stuff, the better I'm liking my books.


  1. Have you watched House of Cards yet? Season 1 is on Netflix. Season 2 comes out tomorrow.

  2. I have not heard of that one. What is it?

  3. Nice snow! Ours is finally melting.

  4. House of Cards is AWESOME!! There's a whole Trayvon Martin thing going on too. I've never watched Justified but I do know it's supposed to be about Harlan County which is not too far from me. They don't call it "Bloody Harlan" for nothing! Also my personal statement about the show-how can you tell it's not really Harlan-the people have too many teeth! LOL!!

  5. I like the walking dead, partly because it is filmed in my neck of the woods and I recognize a lot of the landmarks.:)

  6. Raylan Givens is sort of a anti-hero. As the woman said on the show.. He is the kind of guy who would go into a burning building to save people...but sometimes he sets the fires himself.

    He does not do it for personal gain but he is not afraid of killing folks if they need it. Yea lots of people meet bad endings on that show.

    Now Boyd, on the other hand, is a genteel man who, if you are an honest person not in his trade or if you deal strait, will not be a danger to you. BUT, if you are in his trade and welch on a deal OR THREATEN THOSE HE LOVES, God help you. He will come for you sideways.

    Yea it is an interesting show.

    1. Interesting synopsis. And yeah, I didn't like it much at first, but kinda got sucked in. Givens is a bit of a train wreck who still gets the job done and Boyd...ya kinda gotta like him in spite of himself

  7. I quit watching Justified after the first season because of the Hollywood bias of inbred, illiterate, gun-loving, drug addicted bible-thumpers.
    The Walking dead is a little the same way, but not as bad.

    As a spoiler- they do find a place to hole-up and find "The Governor"..but that's a season and a half it's self.

  8. House of Cards stars Kevin Spacey as a Machiavellian Speaker of the House?? He gets dissed on a cabinet position and gets ahead his way after that. Great cast. It is fun too to see DC scenes. His wife is just as ruthless and ambitious.

  9. LOL, that's why i don't watch that crap...