Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Detroit: Where you can't even rob the pizza man without getting shot

Yeah, technically it was in Redford, but only by a block. And the robbers were Detroiters, apparently a pair who decided that committing Home Invasions in Detroit was getting to be too dangerous, what with all of the armed homeowners. So who seemed like a "safer" victim? The pizza guy! Pizza guys don't carry guns, right?

Cops: Pizza driver fires shots at Redford 'customers' who tried to rob him

One in jail, and one in the hospital enroute to jail. If this keeps up, Detroit won't have any thugs left, aside from the likes of George Cushingberry and Monica Conyers, that is.


  1. Yay! Sounds like Detroit is fed up!

  2. Thanks, Murphy. (sniff) I love these stories with a happy ending. (honk... sniff)

  3. Good news. Now the pizza driver needs to go to the range and practice. This should have been two DRT's.

    1. To be fair, Dick, real shootings, where the adrenaline's flowing and everybody's moving and the target's likely to shoot back...well those are a little tougher than a static range session. Having been there myself, I can empathize with the pizza guy. He got solid hits on one and he stopped the attack. That counts as a "win" in my book.

    2. I should have said "It would have been nice to have been two DRT's.
      You're right, it's hard to be accurate while wetting yourself. (Don't ask me how I know this.)

      The way I shoot, I need to get those 33 round sticks for the Glock 9mm's. Maybe even a 100 round drum.

  4. The driver will probably be fired due to company policies forbidding the carry and use of personal firearms for protection from the thugs.

  5. The driver will probably be facing an OSHA violation. The robbers were simply working in their vocation.

  6. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Maybe the next time these thugs will assume room temperature.
    I say Bravo pizza man