Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Look, look! I got a book!

This just came today.
Can't wait to start reading on it, especially after reading the author's impressive bio"

JL Curtis was born in Louisiana in 1851 and was raised in the Ark-La-Tex area. He began his education with guns at age eight with a flintlock pistol and a Grandfather that had carried one "in case those redcoats come back". He began competitive shooting after the war in company with shooters like Nathaniel Bedford Forrest and George A. Custer, an interest he still pursues time permitting. He is a retired Naval Flight Officer, having spent countless years serving his country from the Great War on up through Vietnam following initial flight training with the Wright Brothers. He is an NRA instructor (NRA Member #3), and currently works as a engineer in the defense industry, servicing gear that no else remembers how to work on. He lives in Northern Virginia, this is his first novel.

Buy it here.

Congrats on the book, my friend.


  1. Uh, 1851? Well maybe =) I think he may have embellished somewhat. I thought he was one that was involved in starting the NRA =)

  2. Thank you sir... :-) Enjoy the read!!!

  3. I was gonna leave it alone, but... With friends like y'all... sigh... :-P

  4. Hey Murphy;

    Shoot I figured "OldNFO" was on the dirt design team......And you forgot that he assisted Billy Mitchell on his naval aviation thesis.

    1. LOL. There's a rumor out there that says that he got his commission as a result of a bet with Mitchell over whether or not he could sink a captured German Battleship with just aircraft bombs. Mitchell supposedly laughed and told him that if he could do it he'd be an officer that very day. .

  5. I never even gave a thought to how long the NRA has been around - just sort of felt it had been around forever and a day. But then, I rather thought OldNFO had been around forever and a day, too. Or at least long enough that he could give us first hand info on dinosaurs.

  6. Geez, y'all NEVER give up do ya... :-P