Friday, March 07, 2014


Both dogs are shedding their winter coats to such a degree that my house appears to be carpeted. (It's hardwood.) Belle's tunnel under the dog pen fence was so nicely done that a van-load of Mexican drug smugglers just stopped by to ask her for some pointers, but that's filled in now and capped with a cinder block.

And then it was off to the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

Today's trip to the DMV only took me two hours and cost me...well we won't even go there. I really hate our stupid Personal Property Tax that we all get to pay each year on the value of each vehicle that we own. And as I walked in and was told that I had to take my coffee cup back outside (because we can't have food or drinks in our own buildings), I dumped the coffee on the curb outside and it dawned on me that it really should have been tea.

And is there some sort of West Virginia state law that says that in order to transact business at the DMV, you have to bring your entire extended family to stand in line with you and suck up all the chairs in the waiting area? It certainly seemed like I was the only one there today who didn't get that memo.

Oh, and to the mother of the little boy who was running amuck while you amused yourself with your iphone:

I'm SO done for the day.


  1. Yep DMV IS a lifestyle all it's own, and they are on 'display' on a daily basis!!!

  2. So, german shepherds blow their coats, too? I know malamutes and huskies have hair coming off in clumps until you are wading through dogs worth of fur piling in drifts. (You can tell when spring's coming in Alaska - you see owners outside trying to groom small blizzards of dog fur off their companions...)

    1. We call them "German Shedders" for a reason. And neither one cares to be brushed.

  3. Yep, the DMV / Secretary of State office is indeed a world onto itself.

    Put away the keys, sit down, have a few beers to wash away the idiocy and have a relaxing evening.

  4. Thing is, our DMV is WORLDS better than what I had to deal with in Montgomery County.

  5. DMV? Gah. I hate going there.

  6. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Try horse sticks beautifully and so it gets in the car, it gets in the kitchen, and (as a woman) it gets in your nylons and other such items even when you have Never worn them in the barn.
    I love that old horse, but not so much in March!