Monday, March 17, 2014

Obama gets punked and the military strikes.

So the last couple of days, we've been exposed to some petulance from President Prickly, aka, "Barry Thin-Skin", because people are still laughing at him for dressing like a bitch.

Sarah Palin: Barack Obama known for 'mom jeans'

Obama: ‘My jeans fit very well’

One of these things is not like the others.
Nah, they're all the same.

So do you think it's a coincidence that this morning, we hear a news report about Obama using a Navy SEAL team to take a Libyan tanker away from three Libyan rebels?

Navy SEALS board, take control of rogue Libya tanker

In past days under other administrations, such a use of our Special Forces troops would have remained classified. But this week, we have Obama, down in the polls and facing ridicule for looking weak and effeminate, especially in comparison to Russia's Vladmir Putin. So what happens? Suddenly we get a news story about Obama using our covert military personnel to do something bold and heroic, an action that his die-hard Kool-Aid-drinking followers will claim "proves" that Obama is tough and macho.

Well Obama is neither tough nor macho and never has been. But maybe someday he'll realize that you cannot make yourself look impressive by simply telling other men to go out and do something heroic while you sit in the kitchen and make fudge with your wife and daughters. Kudos to our Navy SEALS for a job well done but let's remember that they didn't volunteer to sacrifice themselves just to be Obama's personal public relations tools.


  1. Wait a minute... BO sent the SEALS after oil??? Didn't he shit all over Bush for this??? Where's the outcry in the MSM???

    1. President Urkel can do no wrong, even when he takes pages right out of Bush's playbook. The media has too much invested in their creation to criticize him or even allow him to be questioned.

  2. Hey Murphy;

    +1 Old NFO and your response...I have noticed that he has used the SEALS to bolster his image, and he got great mileage out of the OBL raid from his sycophants and other kool-aid drinkers, and the subsequent botched raid in ASTAN where a bunch of them got killed in a regular *shithook* A.K.A CH-47 and that got hushed up. He is great at sending other people into harms way whereas he goes on vacation and play golf.

  3. Anonymous6:34 PM

    This limp wristed mom jean wearing punk could not be one third of the man George W.Bush is.

  4. Murphy,
    You need to lighten up on Jaleel White. He was just acting as Urkel. Obama? Not acting.

  5. Like I keep saying.. Banjo Obama just gets played and played.

    Putin plays him, Kim II plays him. Assad plays him.

    I sometimes think Reid and Pelsoi played him to get Obamacare they way THEY wanted it to be.

    But I suspect Obama lives in a fantasy world where his 'yes' men just don't even mention what is really going on.