Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Day Out

It was a beautiful day today. The new leg needed some exercise, and so did a couple of bored-looking dogs.
So off we went, to scenic downtown Harpers Ferry, WV.
The dogs liked the old firehouse, aka John Brown's Fort. This was where John Brown, America's First Terrorist, was trapped alongside his sons, a few other conspirators, and some hostages when they attacked the US Arsenal here back in October 17-18 of 1859.
(Brown was given a fair trial on November 2, 1859 and hanged on December 2, 1859. Wasn't it great when America had a justice system that worked?)
Some passing tourists were impressed with how obedient and well-behaved the dogs were.
Frankly, so was I.
The metal steps on the Maryland side of the river coming off the bridge gave Belle pause (paws?) for a few seconds, but when she saw Murphy take them, she followed him.
We hiked tow towpath for a bit, and I was tempted to try the path up to the scenic overlook for a few minutes, especially since people were rappelling from there.
By the time we got to the bridge leading to the path though, my leg was sending me subtle warning signs not to try it. I've been at this a while now; I listened this time. But I will be going back up there again soon, this I swear.

Back to West Virginia we went for a nap in the grass.
Then it was down to the river for a drink..
And for one, a swim.
Belle wasn't having any, though. She waded a bit, and watched Murphy anxiously.
"Murphy, you get out of there this instant!"
"What? Did you say something, Belle?"
"You come out of there, right now!"
"Oh, Joy! You're safe!"
"Of course I'm safe. Now let's go shake water on the human!"

Then we walked up High Street and found a new scenic deck that they built over the winter. Plenty of room for a tiring guy and two tiring dogs to rest.
OK, Belle rested. Murphy wandered around and made friends.
Belle found a new store, which, sadly, isn't open yet.
And then we adjourned to Private Quinn's Pub, a local joint that's dog-friendly despite repeated visits from Murphy.
I had an Oatmeal Stout. They had cookies from the bartender.

Then it was home for a proper nap. Good day. Good, good day.


  1. Sound like fun. Glad you were able to get up and around. As, I'm sure, were the Hamsters!

    1. Additionally, it looks like Murphy hasn't lost any of his Babe Magnet skills.

  2. Great, and glad the pups cooperated!!!

  3. That looks like an awesome rappelling cliff!

    Lol - Belle & Murphy's 'commentary' to one another.

    1. She was not happy with him out there in the water, and she made sure that everyone within hearing distance knew it.

    2. Going to be interesting when she sees you and Murphy in the water.

  4. What a fantastic day!

  5. Great day. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Anonymous9:50 PM

    It looks like a great day

  7. Fantastic! Looks like a great day had by all. My day was rather pedestrian by comparison. Good looking dogs.

  8. Wow. What an incredible day.

    I simply must get down your way this summer.

    1. Yes, you must. And we've got beer.