Friday, April 18, 2014

Flyday Friday

After a long week of physical therapy and dealing with Caninus Annoyus x 2, I really needed some flytime.

I had a planned photo flight all plotted out, but once I got aloft, it was just too hazy in the mountains to the west and my target for the photo flight was an hour and some change into those mountains, so I chucked the flight plan and just went off to play local, flying up and down the mountain ridges between VA and WV just to see what I might find. (Click on the pics to enlarge.)

Here's Capon Bridge, WV.
I'm thinking that the green structure crossing the river is the actual Capon Bridge. If so, they didn't really put a lot of thought into that town's name, in my opinion.

Next, here's a train tunnel just to the east of Paw Paw, WV.
The river that you see there? That's the mighty Potomac River. It tends to look a bit more humble the farther upstream that you get from Washington, DC.

The Potomac meanders. The railroad, not so much.
Over the river, right through the ridge, then over the river again.

I followed the river north (more or less) until all of a sudden it pulled a sharp right and headed east here at Great Cacapon.
Next stop: Hancock, MD. And here's a marshaling yard just west of there, complete with Mr. Peabody's Coal Train arriving.
Rolling in hot! Or not. Sigh. Need rockets on this Cessna.

I shot a couple of landings at Hancock's Potomac Airpark, just because it was lined up nicely with the wind and because I haven't hit this strip as much as I have the other area ones. The only other "traffic" there was a guy with a huge remote-controlled pane that looked big enough to carry a small child...or a German Shepherd. But his bird was on the ground as he was no doubt waiting for me to quit my landings and go away. I waved on each go-round but he never waved back. Not terribly friendly.

A flag just east of Hancock. 'Murica!
A nice view of downtown Hancock seen out the window on my base leg.
And, I'm off. Heading east again back down the Potomac on my last take-off.

Hey, here's Fort Fredneck Frederick.
Hmmm. Come bad times, I'm wondering if I could hold this place with a machine gun and a couple of German Shepherds.

Looking at it, it'd be tough to defend by one person. I might need a small army of well-armed hot chicks to help. Applications will be accepted.

Coming down over Martinsburg, WV, I spy with my little eye...the old Martinsburg Railroad Roundhouse.
The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad used this facility from before the Civil War until 1988. Now it's being restored. Looks like there's still a bit of work to be done, but it is open for tours by appointment. I'm thinking that I might have to check that out next time visitors come.

Heading back into home field. Not sure what this structure is. They put it up a few years ago and it's right in the way for a base approach to Runway 26 from the north.

And here's a local brickyard, with old round brick kilns apparently still in use.

On landing, I spot this nifty Boeing 727 that came in. What's that say on the side?
"First Class Equine Air Travel". Freaking HORSES fly on JET AIRCRAFT? Geez! Per the FBO crew, it comes in regularly when there are big races at the local track. Some of the horses fly in from Texas and California on jets like this. And the jockeys fly in on other jets. I'm guessing on much smaller jets. Because jockeys are small. Get it?

Anyway...Now I'm down and home. 1.6 flying hours logged, and I feel fantastic. And ribs are on the grill as I type this, so you all have a great night.


  1. Fantastic! That is a very cool looking locomotive roundhouse. I need to check it out.

    1. Next time you come up I'll see it I can arrange it.

  2. Looks like a wonderful day of flying.
    I am envious. Haven't held the stick in years.
    Carry on,
    ~ ZM

  3. Those geodesic domes are used a lot of times to cover piles of "stuff" that would get blown around by the wind, and dirty up the neighborhood.

    I've you've seen the remake of "Gone In Sixty Seconds", you can see two of them in the scenes on the bridge where Elinor jumps all those cars.

  4. Nice! And wait until you see a Saudi horse carrier... 747 FULLY outfitted...

    1. Some guy from Kuwait (I think) bought a C-17.

      It's the only C-17 in civilian hands, and had quite an extensive paint job.

      Unfortunately the paint peeled on it's maiden flight, and they had to bring it back for a repaint!

  5. For the unknown structure. Almost looks like cement plant, maybe?