Saturday, April 26, 2014

Indy update #2

As a recap of Day 1, we spent the rest of the day wandering around talking to factory reps and other bloggers. DS Arms was there and I got the chance to paw over some of their fine FAL rifles. They're not cheap, but for fit, finish and the factory warranty (plus all new parts) they beat any "Franken-FAL" parts rifle that you'll find on the used gun boards out there. 

Likewise, the folks from PTR were there with their H&K rifle clones which are, since H&K no longer makes or sells semi-auto versions of their excellent G3 rifles (Model 91 in .308 and Model 93 in .223), the only way you'll get a new 91 pr 93 today. But the rifles are nice, made on original H&k tooling, and produced here in America at very decent prices when compared to FALs, M-1As, Most any AR-10, etc. I was impressed enough after looking at their rifles first-hand and bouncing technical questions off of their reps that I'm likely to add one of these to my gun safe before too much longer. And credit where it's due, PTR actually moved their entire business out of Connecticut after that state went all gun-ban stupid last year, relocating it to South Carolina, a much more gun-friendly state.


  1. Sadly, this year's budget is eaten up by pending purchases of vehicles x2, and household items. At least I have the "new" M1A to play with.

  2. I'd love to have a FAL Para 7.62x51 but at $1900 bucks and the need of an optic like a ACOG, well that makes it a $3000 rifle!

    Oh, well...

  3. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Had a 91 clone, for a while. Century Arms, I think. Took easily to H&K factory parts.
    Of course, was in the safe with the others...


  4. Yep, they are a 'tad' pricey... But quality, no question!!!