Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Now there's a good way to get shot.

So you're sitting in a park, minding your own business. It's a nice day. Other people are out there with their kids. Maybe your kids are playing with their kids. Suddenly a van screeches to a stop by the kids. A masked men leaps out, grab one of the toddlers, and runs back to the van, then the van rockets off. What do you do?

VIDEO: Outrage as parents fake child abduction in U.S. park

In Washington State, a trio of dumbasses decided to stage a kidnapping in the public park just to film other peoples' reactions. And as the video at the link above shows, they're actually proud of the fact that they got a lot of other parents and their kids upset. (Gotta get your fifteen minutes of fame somehow, right?)

Lucky for these dim bulbs, there was no one there with a concealed carry permit. And at the end of the video, a man speaking to them, either a police officer or an outraged parent--it's not clear which--tells them straight up "I was fully prepared to kill whoever was in the front seat of that van."

I think that a lot of us, in that same situation, would have reacted similarly.

Talk about dodging a bullet. These idiots claim that they did it to "raise public awareness..." but if you look at their Youtube channel, (and I won't dignify them with a link) they've made several others where they "prank" unsuspecting people, including a fake robbery, another fake abduction and apparently even a couple where they randomly fart at people. So they're just jerks trying to get reactions out of people. They need to be charged criminally for this one, IMHO.

If you agree, the city attorney can be reached at: (360) 681-6611 or emailed at:


  1. Sounds about like the idiots who staged a movie theater massacre after the Batman massacre..... yes a very good way to get shot.

  2. Yep, Darwin missed on that one...

  3. Wow.... yes that is a GOOD way to get shot, either by a citizen or a cop.

    And I would not blame anyone for capping their arse.

  4. Anonymous11:22 PM

    +1 Old NFO

  5. The stupid definitely burns. And there should be charges. And people waiting around the corner to slap some of the stupid out afterward.