Monday, April 07, 2014

You can be a good American worker, or you can be a union member.

Reason #6,482 why Right-to-Work and Employment-at-Will laws make sense.

Union dispute slows work at vital western port to a crawl

So because a bunch of old, fat over-paid crane operators don't want to either do their job or quit, every other business and hourly employee that has anything to do with shipping through Portland has to suffer...and in the end, the increased costs fall on all of us.

This is exactly why any employer needs to absolute right to hire and fire at will. If I, as a business owner, offer you a pretty cushy job with above-average pay and benefits and you decide that, instead of being grateful for the opportunity to take home a paycheck, tat you're going to hurt my business, I should be able to send you packing and replace you with the first applicant who comes along who can pass a drug test and is willing to do the job right.

I'll say it right now: Unions had a place in this country once, but those days are long gone and they won't be back. Now they're just a parasitical cancer on our economy in the form of a slightly-legal mafia enterprise that adds nothing of value to any business that they infect. If we're going to get America back to the top of the industrial world again, we need to get rid of these press gangs and their lazy, disloyal members and let American companies reward their best workers and get rid of their worst. And when we've saved American businesses from the curse of union-backed inefficiency, we need to get rid of the public-sector unions, too. You want a job? Be better than the other guy who wants it. When you get the job, do it right or get used to filling out new job applications. The Japanese auto companies seem to do just fine without a bunch of slobs organizing slowdowns and committing sabotage every time one of them gets butt-hurt over some real or imagined slight, so maybe it's time for America to follow their lead in this area.


  1. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Never worked for the MA DOC, have you? Work for them first and THEN tell me that all unions are crap.

    1. I've worked for other government agencies with unions in my day. In every case, all the union did was keep my worst co-workers on the job, even when they were caught red-handed doing things that should have seen them prosecuted, much less fired. Get rid of bad employees and working conditions almost always improve for everyone else.

  2. It kind of amazes me why the unions aren't angry with government for taking their place, now the workers don't need unions for safety thanks to OSHA and a ton of other protection laws, unions now focus on wages and benefits but 0bama care is taking some of that away as well.

  3. Just come to Texas. We have a Right-To-Work law.

    And plenty of jobs!

  4. This post is just about as spot-on, Bingo! As it gets. Unions are anachronisms.