Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy news. Man who shot "professional burglar" in New Orleans won't be charged

New Orleans' version of the Travon Martin case collapses when the "poor child" who was shot last year and supposedly in "a vegetative state" and unable to get out of bed or answer police questions per his family was caught walking around and attempting to burglarize more houses.

No charges for Marigny homeowner Merritt Landry in shooting of Marshall Coulter

The District Attorney tried to get an indictment of Merritt Landry, a long-time city employee who had a pregnant wife in the house on the night that he caught Marshall Coulter, a punk scumbag described by his own brother as "a professional thief" in his fenced yard and shot him when he refused to follow commands and made a furtive movement that led Landry to fear that he was going for a weapon. The first Grand Jury refused to indict, and before he could get a second one, Coulter was arrested again for the same offense at two other homes and linked to a third prior burglary where he disarmed another armed homeowner. And all this time, Coulter's family, with the exception of his brother Devin, who has since been arrested for a two armed robberies, have been spinning the lie that he was brain damaged and bed-ridden and unable to talk. That was stalling the police investigation into his actions and no doubt would have cinched his family's lawsuit against Mr. Landry but for his subsequent arrest and the discovery that he could actually walk and talk just fine. What a wonderful family those Coulters are. New Orleans is blessed to have them and their loyal supporters, many of whom marched in Landry's neighborhood yelling trite cliches like "no justice, no peace" after the shooting.

Oh, and now that the case has collapsed, the DA finally admits that Coulter's fingerprints were found on one of Landry's shutters, which had been partially pried open. So all of Landry's critics who claim that he had no business shooting because Coulter wasn't trying to get into his can suck eggs.


  1. Too bad he wasn't a better shot... Just sayin...

    1. Amen to that. This punk will likely continue to victimize people until he gets locked up or someone else puts him in the ground.

  2. Hey Murphy
    You know that hamsters are cuter.....Just saying

  3. Anonymous7:50 PM

    I am happy to hear the home owner is not going to be charged

  4. I am a sucker for stories with happy endings.

  5. Try as I might, I keep thinking Old NFO is right.

  6. I'm not a lawyer nor have I played one on TV, but this bugs the heck out of me. "Oh, and now that the case has collapsed, the DA finally admits that Coulter's fingerprints were found on one of Landry's shutters, which had been partially pried open."
    So the DA KNEW the perp actually was breaking in, and proceeded to try for an indictment? Why? Just for the fun of costing the defendant loads of money? Just for the glee in watching the anguish in his face? Just to enjoy that rush of power as he runs the family through Hell? Sounds like this is another dirtball DA that needs to be shown the door. Exiting his office and entering jail. Pour la encourager les autres.