Sunday, May 11, 2014

More classics

From yesterday's car show in Ranson, WV.

Here's a 1954 Chevyrolet Bel-Air
And a Ford Maverick, vintage 1971.
Here's a Ford Model A, with a nice clean engine.
And a bright yellow mid-seventies VW Bug.
Plymoth Scamp, looking pristine, except for the water bottle someone left behinf the grille.
Red 1970 SS Chevelle, with a shiny 402 powerplant.
And this stately '54 Chevy's had just a bit of engine work done.
1972 Chevy Nova.
And a '68 Chevelle SS.
Lowered 1949 Plymouth convertible.
This Chevy Malibu sports a 350ci engine.
So does this '68 Firebird. Rowr.
Oldsmobile was represented well by this 1971 Cutlass.
And there was even an old flate-fendered Jeep CJ.
Of course there was a Pontiac GTO. Had to be one of those here somewhere.
And I almost missed this '67 Chevelle all tucked in there.

And finally, a sweet 1966 Corvette.
I'd never own a car made by "Government Motors" these days but this old classic would be welcome in my garage.


  1. A few of those would make nice additions to my fleet.

  2. Sweet! Love the old iron!!!

  3. That Model A bringing back memories, sir? ;-)

  4. Ah, the water bottle may have been the "Emergency reserve coolant" or the "Coolant recovery module". Or they may just have left it there.

  5. Anonymous12:07 AM

    Beautiful cars

  6. Would love to build a rat-rod some day...