Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stupid is supposed to hurt, but DAMN!

In South Carolina, an idiot asked his idiotress girlfriend to shoot him to test an alleged bulletproof vest that he'd come across. She did, but somehow she managed to miss the bulletproof part. Now he's dead and she's in jail.

Teenage girl accused of shooting dead a friend after he asked her to try out his bulletproof vest and she MISSED

As much as I love The South, these people really need to work a little harder at not living up to the stereotype. Seriously, you just know that this guy's last words were: "Hey y' this!"


  1. We got a Darwin Award nominee ("Hey, Honey, look what I found this morning! As soon as I put it on, whip out that pistol you keep tucked in yer panyhose and let's test this thing out.")

    That dumbass had the stupidest girlfriend EVAH.


  2. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Darwin claims one more

  3. Hmmm.... guess he should have made sure she could shoot accurately first. I'd say Darwin Awards all the way around on this one.

  4. Stoopid X2... sigh

  5. Yep! That thare is plumb dumb. That's what can happen 3 generations after the highway goes through without putting in an off ramp in small towns.

  6. Wasn't he supposed to say "Hey, honey, hold my beer while..."?

    He shoulda found an invisibility cloak instead (assuming Dusty Bottoms wasn't nearby).

  7. Aw.. come on gang.. Ellen (Sharon Stone) shot her daddy dead when she was supposed to shoot for the rope.

    See it happens folks!

    One question.. did she use a shotgun?