Thursday, June 19, 2014

Back to normal.

So I come back after two weeks, barely surviving a mugging by two German Shepherds when I walk in the door. I began the download of pics from the trip. My, but time and technology change things.Once, when we had to buy and develop actual film, I took a similar trip a month long and wound up with 300 photographs. Enter digital cameras and this two-week trip generated nearly two thousand photos, none of which I have to pay to develop.

Also, while traveling, I typically refuse to read or listen to the news, with the exception of local news wherever I'm at, usually while I eat breakfast at some cafe or diner. Gee, what a surprise to come back and find out that Iraq has pretty much fallen to the foreign insurgents, thanks in large part to the inept bungling of Obama and his two toadies, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. This is what happens when 51% of Americans go to the polls thinking that it's a beauty contest or a statement saying "look how not racist I am, voting for this black guy..." instead of casting a ballot based on the actual qualifications and experience of the respective candidates. And of course, as usual, the media downplays this spectacular foreign policy failure because Obama is their boy, and as the enemy kills those we trained and set in power and carts off all of the military hardware we left them, Obama just retires to the golf course.

You have to admit though, it was kinda witty of those ISIS rascals to swipe at Obama using his wife's stupid hashtag trout-pout though.
Can you say "No respect?" America's enemies dared not get personally insulting towards President Reagan or even George W. Bush. But Obama is a callow fool on every level and the whole world knows it, even third-world goat farmers who are now the proud owners of hundreds of slightly used HUMVEEs and Deuce-and-a half trucks. Kinda reminds you of when the Democrats in Congress cut the legs out from under the South Vietnamese government back in 1975, doesn't it?


  1. I'm glad you made it home safe and the pooches, I'm sure, were happy to see you.

    1. I was thoroughly mugged when I walked through the door. Happy? You could say that.

  2. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Happy Dogs for sure. I am glad you made it back safe.

  3. I'd be happy if they would trade us the hummers for Michelle. In fact I'd give them some hummers and a few M1s if they took the whole family.

  4. Hey Murphy,

    Welcome back!! I am dismayed when I see what is happening in Iraq now..the lives and treasure lost...kinda like Vietnam and ther same surrender monkey democratic party is behind all of it. It took us years to get past the first time and I don't know if we will get another.