Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Where did I go wrong?

So I'm traveling back north a couple weeks back, heading away from the Mexican border, when I run across this:
And I see this:
And I think back on home, and realize that if it referred to my dogs, it's have to say: "Caution. Loafing Dogs Ahead"
I'm thinking that they've got it way too easy.


  1. I think they've got it just right. :)

  2. Did you show Murph and Belle that sign?

  3. They're working... Working at loafing... :-)

  4. Looks like Belle and Murphy are manning their listening posts for intruders. Security is a full time job..right?

  5. Anonymous6:56 PM

    It takes a special talent and lots of work to relax like that.

  6. I believe everyone is doing Belle and Murphy a dis-service. That photo is showing them resting from the exhausting work of laying around. It takes an expert to do it properly.