Sunday, July 06, 2014

New Neighbors introduce themselves

And nothing says "Hey, we're glad to be here and we respect you all" like hosting a loud party that included the detonation of what sounded like commercial-grade explosives late on Saturday night, the day after the Fourth of July. And these people just moved in.

Just what we need--more rednecks. I hope that they'll forgive me for not trotting right over with a cake.


  1. Yeah. My post LEO retirement job is weekend property management at an extended stay facility. Some subsidized Section 8 housing fronts it and much fireworks were fired. One of my tenants in a townhouse located behind the building I stay in let off some mortars after 11pm. Woke me from a dead sleep in flashback to a house trailer blowing up on me. I wasn't a pleasant manager for a few minutes, then it took most of the night to wind back down. One positive though was the tenants and I apologizing to one another, wonderful couple, wish there were more people like them.

  2. I had the neighbors from hell at one house I owned, very nice neighborhood., but they'd inherited their money, didn't earn it the hard way. They built a large fire pit just a few feet from my bedroom window and would let their 18 year old son and his friends party all night. The kid had been in jail twice by the time he was about 16 and they wanted him to "keep his friends while he was on house arrest from his latest adventure" When Mom and Dad were gone, alcohol and drugs were usually involved. Occasionally one of them would drive through someone's lawn tearing it up and we'd find beer cans in our mailboxes, those that were still standing. Mom and Dad denied, it saying it wasn't their little angle. One by one the neighbors moved away.

    One night, as MY house was closing its sale, I had a party, and most of my friends carry badges. We DID go over with a cake, and a local officer who was happy to end the party. I figured with parenting like that the kid will be doing 10-20 by the time he's 21.

  3. This does not bode well. Noisy neighbors are not a good thing.

  4. Yay! I love it when folks feel that moving to the country gives them license to do whatever they feel like.... Next they'll be complaining about the lack of services. Wait until they get a big dog that they won't train or do anything with and let it wander at will.

    Sorry your new neighbors are, at first glance, schmucks.

  5. I feel your pain. Last 2 nights, I thought I was living in Stalingrad. And I'm sure tonight will be the same. And you are correct about these new "Fireworks" on the street. Someone on Friday Night lit off 2 of them several blocks over, and the concussion rattled my windows.

    As to your new Neighbors, well, you've read about my "Incident." Still in Condition Orange, regarding them and their "Friends." Sounds like you might have to "Lay down the Law' before it gets worse. "Where's there's Smoke, there's Fire," as it were. Good Luck.

  6. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Ugh. I feel for you. We had crazy neighbors like that for about 10 years. Used to drain their swimming pool and use it as a launch pad. But at least your group of pyromaniacs seem to be saving their insanity for around the holidays. Our merry band of lunatics would light off hours-long artillery barrages at least once a week, though IIRC they did take the winter off.

    Oh, and did I mention that a goodly portion of their fireworks went airborne? And that their yard, and ours, is full of pine trees. We're lucky they didn't burn the neighborhood down!


  7. Anonymous12:59 AM

    I wonder how the would like a little suppressing fire?
    I know you can not do it but, it does not hurt to dream.