Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Man Movie

In Zulu (1964), Michael Caine learns to lead men in battle at Rorke's Drift against 4,000 Zulu warriors.

Every time I watch this, I want to go shoot one of my Martini-Henrys.


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    One of my all time favorites!!

  2. It's even "More Better" if one pairs it with Zulu Dawn.

    But remember to make a Double Batch of Popcorn.

  3. One helluva movie and one helluva piece of history!

  4. Zulu Dawn was a pretty good show too. I like the Victorian period of military history.

  5. Still one of the best movies out there.. "Volley fire by rank.....Mark your targets as they come." Excellent movie.

  6. "Why Us?" a trooper wails.

    "Because we're here, Lad. Because we're here" replied the Sergeant-Major.

    Which reminds me, my tape version of the movie is getting old. I just ordered it on DVD.

    Hmm ... need to do the same with "Zulu Dawn", which is the companion piece and the fore-runner to "Zulu".

    I'm going to have to wait to get "The Man Who Would be King", "Shaka Zulu", "The Wind and the Lion" and "Kahrtoum" on DVD. The VCR versions aren't quite as worn.

    Hmmm ... maybe "The Man Who Would be King", too. Those VCR tapes aren't quite as stressed, yet, though.

    Damn! You just cost me a lot of money. (Thank you for the reminder.)

  7. I'll have "Men of Harlech" going through my head for days. And that's a good thing!

  8. I've always wanted sideburns like Colour Sergeant Bourne.

    Mr. Witt sir... be quiet now will you, there's a good gentleman, you'll upset the lads