Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Customer Service (Or, "Why I love Surefire.")

A couple of years ago, I bought one of Surefire's bottom-line G2 Nitrolon flashlights. This is the relatively cheap-o plastic version, not one of their nicer aluminum models. It was bright enough, but I decided that I didn't really care for the "twist-on/twist-off" switch on the bottom and the unshielded activation button that was forever turning itself on in my pocket or gear bag and running the batteries down. I debated just selling it off, but then somehow, for some reason, I had the bulb assembly out and I lost the lens and the o-ring that held the lens in the bezel. Well, that settled that; the light was now junk, and into the junk drawer it went.

Fast forward a couple of years, minus a couple of weeks. I just recently stumbled across the remains of this light again. I also realized that a light like this could actually be handy for emergency use if stored properly in a "go-bag" such as I was putting together at the time. But alas, it was still missing a lens. But it was a Surefire product, and I know from past experience that they tend to stand behind their stuff, so I called them up and explained that I had this light of theirs that was missing the lens and o-ring. I honestly wouldn't have minded paying a few bucks for a new lens, since I'm the negligent party who lost the old one, but their rep just asked me one question: "What color is the body of your light?" When I told him that it was black, he checked my address against their records and told me that a new lens assembly would be on it's way to me the next day, free of charge. And sure enough, it showed up a coupe of days later. Now that light is snugged away in an emergency bag--batteries separate--and I'm once again pleased with the level of service and support that I got from Surefire. When you buy their expensive stuff, you kind of expect them to take care of you if something goes wrong, but it says a lot about them that they give the same level of care and service to customers who just buy their low-end stuff.

Go, Surefire!


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Funny you mention it...about 2 months ago the spring that holds the batteries broke loose on my 8 year old 6P. I also noticed that the rubber on/off switch in the tailcap was thin and that it might go anytime. I went online to buy a replacement and was amazed to see that they would change it for free, no questions asked. And same as you, the part came in in 2-3 days.
    I am a believer.

  2. Anonymous8:42 PM

    They define the meaning of customer service

  3. I have that same light. Put an o ring on the tailcap. It will prevent those pesky accidental activations.

  4. Same experience here. I bought an NRA version years ago, and it worked great for about ten minutes. After a call and a test orf the bulb assembly at their request, a new bulb was in the mail. Great company.