Monday, August 25, 2014

Thoughts on the Michael Brown funeral

I couldn't help but catch parts of the Michael Brown circus funeral on the news today.

Pretty much every clip had his father on stage, not in a suit, but wearing a T-shirt.

As the planners of the event were still trying to keep the pretense alive that Brown was a "gentle giant" and a "little kid trapped in a big body", the auditorium was chock full of large poster-size pictures of Brown in his high school graduation gown. I'm guessing that they didn't have any of the ones showing him flashing gang signs.

Worse yet, Obama sent THREE white House aides there, or two more than he sent to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's funeral. There's something wrong at the top when a former ally and leader of a nation gets one token emmissary but a punk who tried to murder a police officer after robbing a store gets three. Can anyone explain that to me?

And when the race-baiters like Al Sharpton, Spike Lee and Trayvon Martin's parents weren't stirring up the crowd with incindiary speeches, the "mourners" looked like they were having a fair bit of fun, just singing and dancing away.
The whole thing reminded me of this scene from The Blues Brothers. All that was missing was Jake, Elwood and James Brown.

I wonder how the store owner that Brown pushed and robbed feels about this? We could ask him, but he's reportedly in hiding for his own safety, just like Officer Wilson, the decorated police officer that Brown was assaulting when he was shot.

The world is truly upside down today.


  1. Did you catch the part where one speaker vouchsafed the information that Michael had told her of a vision in which he foresaw his own death, and saw himself laying slain beneath bloody sheets. This was a crowd pleaser.

    So was the speaker who avowed that on the very day of his death, Michael was going forth to spread the word of our Lord Jesus Christ to sinners. (Shouts of affirmation from the crowd.)

    Makes me wonder who the brutish thug was that robbed the store, roughed up the tiny clerk, then attacked the policeman.

  2. "Can anyone explain that to me?" Um, yes, but I guess that was probably rhetorical... And because "Tee time!"

  3. I am looking forward to the Grand Jury handing up a No True Bill. That should reignite a party in the streets.

  4. I watched very little of it, but it did look like everyone was having a great time!

  5. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Did the White House send anyone to Maj. Gen. Harold "Harry" Greene funeral?
    I do not think they did

  6. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Upside down.
    You said it.