Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A shooty good day

Because I was out of the powder that I normally use for .38 Special, I decided to try my luck with Hodgdon Titegroup because a local shop had a pound handy. I already have a couple thousand 158gr. cast lead semi-wadcutter hollowpoints just sitting around waiting to be loaded, and since the Hodgdon manuals suggest 3.8gr. of Titegroup under that bullet for 920fps, it seemed like a good load to try.

I took my two .38 revolvers out, the 4" Model 10 and the 1&7/8" Model 642, to see how they like the load.
The first six rounds fired from the Model ten felt good, and the cases looked good--no primer flattening or excess soot--and the target at 15 yards, standing two-handed...
We have a winner! I like this load.

It's a bit peppier in the light little 642, but not unpleasant. And while the 642 didn't shoot quite such a nice group, it still kept them all on the plate at 15 yards, so I'm happy. And now once the Dillon 550 is set up for this load, given a week or two, I'll have a .50 cal. ammo can chock full of new practice rounds.

Life, as they say, is good.


  1. Titegroup is all I use for handgun loads. I like it! Nice heaters there Murph!

  2. Yep - Titegroup for my .38's and 9's. 4gr for my plated 124gr practice loads

  3. Love my 642. Works great in a Galco ankle rig.