Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cats and dogs, living together

Living together in a shelter because they have no homes of their own.

Take a minute to help a good cause.

Charitable Cash Bleg for the Critters

Because homeless critters need help too, and "no-kill" shelters are rare specifically because they are so expensive to operate. Check out the post here and if you feel motivated to help with even a few dollars, please do.


  1. With 2 dogs, a mastiff/pit/bulldozer puppy and 5 cats I can attest to the abilities of both species to coexist, however the political intrigue in this house rivals anything in DC.

    If it were financially possible I would be sending cash.

    The wife and I both volunteer at a local no kill shelter and for those of you so inclined, most no-kill shelters thrive mostly on volunteer labor.

    So if you have one near you, roll up your sleeves, put on so poo-proof shoes and drop by to see if they need more help.

  2. Thanks for the link! Jay, thanks for volunteering.