Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dare to dream? Apparently not around here.

So yesterday in the office, a few of us, including the big boss, got to be talking about how Steve Jobs' widow is now worth like eleven BILLION dollars. With a "B". (And she's not bad looking, either.)

Well eventually we started talking about what we'd do with $11,000,000,000.

One guy says that he'd retire and move to Vegas...and buy a casino.
The boss says that he and the wife would be living in the Bahamas on their own private island.

Then they looked at me, because I was already smiling.

"With eleven billion dollars, I could hire a mercenary army and take over half of Europe," I said. "And then after I consolidated my empire, I'd take over the other half!"

The boss shook his head. "Why you always gotta be extreme like that?"

Sheesh. Since when is having a little ambition so wrong?

Anyway, I've got to finish my letter to ex-Mrs. Jobs now before the boss comes back from lunch. (Hey, it could happen, right?)


  1. LOL, if you're not dreaming big, you're not dreaming...

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM

    You never know

  3. Europe? French live there.

    1. Yeah, I figure we can capture them on the first day, before lunch.

    2. I think they just surrendered. You better hurry and prepare for your march down the Champs-Élysées.

  4. With 11 billion you could have all the USA..just saying

  5. Sounds like a plan to me.

  6. Don't forget to include "must love dogs" in the letter.