Thursday, September 25, 2014

Just got an angry phone call.

Dear, sweet Belle wiggled her way under the fence again and went next door to visit the cats.

The crazy cat neighbors were home and let's just say that they're not amused.

To her credit, I yelled for her one time and she raced back home and wiggled right back under the fence again.

Oh, and did I mention that it's been raining all day? Now she's a mud-covered mess, AND she shook herself free of excess water and dirt right in front of the shirt that I was going to wear to work again tomorrow.

Hamsters don't cause this sort of aggravation.

"U mad?"


  1. Cockatiels are much better pets! Mind you they can get a bit talkative but they don't chase cats and get all muddy.

  2. least you know how she's getting out.....

  3. Anonymous2:13 AM

    Call her Harriet Houdini from now on

  4. Hamsters hate you.

    Your dog will only love you more if you let her get dirty and chase cats. If I was a dog, I'd get muddy and chase cats.

  5. LOL, one of THOSE days eh?

  6. Neighbors are a bad thing. You need some place where there aren't any people and not likely to be for the remainder of your life span. Cuba, New Mexico comes to mind..........