Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And a Good Morning to all of you, too!

Oh, what a morning.

To start with, it's pouring down rain outside, but an e-mail exchange that I've been having with a fellow M1 fan had me rooting through old boxes of gun parts before the sun came up, looking for a misplaced box of Garand parts, which I eventually found. To my surprise, I have more spares than I thought, which is good, because it looks like I'll have an interesting new project to start work on shortly...stay tuned.

Then it was time to put the dogs out. Belle will go out and happily romp in the rain, but if it's even damp outside, Murphy has to be bodily shoved off of the porch to go do his dog business. This is funny when you consider that he's the enthusiastic swimmer and she's petrified of the water.

Next came breakfast and a morning movie that I'll be shaking my head over all day...the 1966 classic "Billy The Kid Versus Dracula." Yeah, they really went there. Chuck Courtney played Billy and John Carradine, father of actors Keith and David, played the vampire. (Carradine had played Dracula in earlier films, House of Frankenstein (1944) and House of Dracula (1945)). Melinda Plowman played Betty, the girl that Billy fought to save from Dracula.

William Bonney was a crack pistolero, but bullets don't stop the undead, as both he, then the sheriff, came to find out. So what does Billy do to stop the immortal Count?

Yep. When all else fails, throw the empty pistol and knock him out.

The whole movie can be found on-line for free of you want (Amazon Prime and Youtube) and it's mercifully short at 1:14.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to run into town for a bit. Back later.

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