Thursday, October 23, 2014

I shouldn't have stopped by the mailbox

On the way home from getting the new water heater, I stopped at the mailbox to pick up my latest batch of bills. while there, I heard a "meow" noise, and this cat came right up to me like it was my long lost pet.

Oh, man.

I still don't know how I feel about having a pet cat, but I know Murphy, and I suspect that we'd have integration problems and a deceased cat in short order. But I couldn't just leave this cat there. It was clean but had no collar and it obviously wanted to be anywhere but out by the neighborhood's rural mailboxes. Oh, what to do...what to do?

Then the idea fairy came along. Problem solved! So here's the cat, in my Jeep, along with the new water heater.
The cat is now in Proud Hillbilly's basement, waiting for her to get home. Won't she be surprised? But she's one of those cat-collecting ladies that every neighborhood has, so I'm sure that she'll know what to do with it.

Here it is in her basement, eating some cat food. Poor thing was ravenous.


  1. Is it isolated from her other cats, or will she have the "fun" of giving all of them flea baths now?

    1. So where were you an hour ago when I was smugly dropping this cat off, convinced that nothing could possibly go wrong?

    2. The rest of her cats have had FeLV vaccinations and heartworm shots, or you isolated the kitten so they can't come into contact, right?

    3. Yeah, that's why this cat is in the basement by itself. But it's so nice that if I could get Murphy and Belle to accept a new housemate...

    4. Careful, G-d hears when you make statements like that. And laughs!

      I wanted a nice older cat who'd spend most of her days purring in the sun. I got psycho-kitty who waits on the door mat to ambush me and scold me fiercely if I'm late, then conducts a re-enactment of running ambushes all through the house, and begs for food as shamelessly as a black lab.

      I could've gotten a nice gerbil... but no, I had to go and get a cat.

      Seriously, hope the water heater install goes smoothly, and the cleanup is easy! Is you water hard enough you have to regularly descale to prevent the elements dying?

    5. Yeah. Concern about FIV and leukimia is why it and 2 others who would come in the house in a heartbeat are not sleeplng with me.

  2. you should isolate the cat until it gets a clean bill of health.

    or yer vet bill is gonna be high.

  3. Anonymous6:42 PM

    I see you got the Shark-bite hoses... Damned things are the best idea.

  4. That was a kindness, although P.H. might disagree. ;)

  5. Somehow in the last 3 months a "Sucker" light has come on at my house. I can't be the crazy cat lady because I am way too clear on what proper care costs. And yet now I have 3 indoor cats, 4 outdoor cats, and an indetermanit one in my garage. I really want 1 cat. Really.

  6. Oh. Clearly a dump. Kitten. Socialized. Broken tail. Some days I hate humans.

  7. People who are kind to animals have good hearts. I always figure there's room for everybody up here. My dogs are all dump off's, but they have served me well. The cats just showed up, or were born here. The ferrets all needed homes. But I tell you the truth, I've always gotten back more from the animals than I ever gave them. When Ragnar the Ferret died it liked to have killed me. :-(

  8. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I love both cats and dogs! We have (currently) two of each here, and they all get along.
    Sometimes there ARE disagreements.
    But all are smart enough to know the BAC (aka Gracie, the Big Ass Cat) is the Alpha!
    Hope PH loves her newest acquisition - good on you for accommodating him!