Monday, October 13, 2014

Selfless Cop Saves Special Needs Girl's Service Dog

In Washington State, bastion of liberalism, a heartless creep ran over a little disabled girl's service dog and fled. Fortunately, Pierce County Detective Ryan Salmon happened by. Not only did he rush the girl, her mom, and the dog to the vet in his car, but when the mom didn't have the money for the dog's vet bills and faced having to put the dog down, Detective Salmon paid the bills himself.

Dog of special needs girl saved with help from detective

Kudos to Detective Salmon. My kind of cop, indeed. But then again, most of them are good people like that; it's why they became police officers in the first place.


  1. +1 Detective Ryan Salmon

  2. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Bravo Pierce County Detective Ryan Salmon Bravo

  3. Which goes to show what I have stated so many times. There are cops on the good side of the bell curve as well.

    Kudos to Detective Salmon. If only this wasn't a surprise when a cop does it.

  4. Kudos is right!!!

  5. Just dropped a small check in the mail for Det Salmon to help with the vet bill.

  6. I'm confused! White cop, minority girl in wheelchair. Doesn't follow the supposed narrative in Ferguson.

    Methinks the Pierce County narrative is closer to reality than the Ferguson narrative.