Sunday, October 12, 2014

This is gonna be fun!

The Great Keads has offered to set up a bowling pin shoot at the upcoming blogshoot, and for those of you who have never shot one've been missing out.

In a pin shoot, the shooter is faced with a table of five or six evil bowling pins, and when the timer beeps, the shooter has to raise their pistol loaded with six rounds--and six rounds only--and knock all the pins off of the table for time. Easy, you say? It's not. If a pin is hit solidly, it usually leaves the table, but if it's just clipped, it often falls over on it's side, and more hits are required to get it off the table. Oh, and that six rounds/six pins thing? if you're good, you might get all of them off the table without a reload, but most of us will typically end up having to reload under time pressure to finish up, and that's where the real skill comes in.

The best time of the day will win something nominal I guess, plus bragging rights. The money raised from this event and the blogshoot in general (less our range fee) will all go to Cancer Care this year, an organization that helps patients and families dealing with cancer and one whose overhead is very low, ensuring that most of the money that they receive actually goes to the cause and not salaries and mailing expenses.


  1. I can't make the blog shoot unfortunately, but that video was great. Some really clever tips. Sound like it is going to be a fun day.

  2. I don't know about being all that great. I think the only reason the range lets me in is because I have a PACT timer.