Wednesday, October 29, 2014

To my friends who shoot Garands and Springfields and Enfields (Oh, my!)

If you can stomach dealing with the profiteers at Cheaper Than Dirt, they do have a quantity of surplus Greek HXP ammo in .30-06, some in boxes and some on Garand clips, at a decent price. They also have .303 for you Enfield Shooters, both in boxes and on clips.

Click here for .30-06 and .303 Greek HXP ammo for sale.

Let the record reflect that I am NOT a fan of CTD after the last gun-ban panic and their wholesale price-gouging when more reputable outfits like Brownells were still honoring their pre-panic prices, even on back-orders. That said, for some reason, CTD has this Greek ammo and no one else does. And let's face it...genuine quality military surplus .30-06 and .303 is neigh impossible to find these days as no one has made any of either for several decades. The HXP, made by the Greek Pyrkal factory, is non-corrosive and boxer primed, which means that you can reload these cases over and over. And HXP has proven itself to be more consistent and accurate in .30 than even the US Lake City-produced surplus stuff, a fact known to many Civilian Marksmanship Program(CMP) shooters who have bought and fired both from the CMP over the years. Likewise, the .303 that I've seen before is slightly oversize, running closer to .312 than .310-.311, and consequently it works better in those wartime Enfields that tend to have slightly oversized bores. (I shoot it, then reload the cases with Hornady's 174gr .312 SPRN bullets and my Enfields love it.)

So despite my dislike of CTD, I'm passing this on to my shooter friends. CTD will make some money, but they're going to make it off someone anyway, and hopefully this way, a few of you who shoot these calibers can benefit.


  1. And just as soon as Canada allows the Brown Truck (or any other color, for that matter) of Happiness to cross its sacrosanct borders with ammo, I'll order some.


  2. I went to the linked page right away, but it says the .303 hasn't arrived yet. I am going to keep checking and buy a lot of it. I got that same ammo about 8 years ago, and it was primo! As you pointed out, it's boxer primed which is really rare in surplus ammo, and .303 is hard to come by now. I have plenty of 30-06, having stocked up with cases from CMP a long time back, but I want that British .303 like a crack head wants his next hit. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. I just looked. the .303 is there, just a bit farther down the page. Enjoy that stuff.

  3. Harry -- they have .303 in stock. The Brown Truck of Happiness already *delivered* my initial .303 order (placed Sunday evening) this morning.

  4. Happily I live in the capital of California and we are blessed with leaders that care so much about us that we can't receive ammo through the mails. There seems to be no way to enter your thumbprint.