Friday, November 14, 2014

Another drive from Hell...

Last night. Sat on I-270 forever because ONE PERSON cannot drive a car well enough to be in traffic with the rest of us. An hour-long commute became two and a half hours because ONE PERSON drove her car (It had to be a just had to.) into the back of a mini-van. The damage really didn't look that bad, but of course someone in our whiner culture demanded an ambulance, so the highway got funneled down to one lane (instead of four) as a fire truck sat idle, blocking traffic for that ambulance. And tens of thousands of people had to pay because this ONE PERSON could not drive.

This is the third time in two weeks that this has happened to me, all in the same stretch of road.



  1. THAT is why I seldom ever take 270. There isn't a day goes by that the traffic reports don't mention at least one mishap on that overcrowded highway of overly aggressive drivers.
    Once in a while I will go that way (during non-peak hours) just to remind myself of why I don't go that route.
    Instead, I get to deal with the BW Parkway. I feel your pain, brother.

  2. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Crap like that baffles me. Where I live there's an interstate "main drag" that carries a lot of AM/PM traffic, and not a rush hour goes by without the traffic gnome on the radio reporting a crash here, a fender bender there and something else over there on the same 10-15 mile stretch of that interstate. Six lanes, three each way, a 60 mph limit, and a long 4th merge/deceleration lane at each exit. A few mild hills, a couple gentle curves, looooong sightlines.

    I'm convinced there's a driving school somewhere actually teaching how to have accidents. Either that or an IQ-reducing force field in cars.

  3. I spent 30 years driving all over Chicago at all times of day and night, and the traffic never bothered me. The traffic in the DC area is such a nightmare that I had to leave after 2 years, and I never drove to work (took the Metro). I didn't take advantage of the historic sites around DC because by the time the weekend came I was in no mood to leave the house. I never felt like that in Chicago.

  4. Alternate routes??? Maybe???