Monday, November 10, 2014

He was a shocking bright kid, but only until they turned the power off.

When it's late and you're drunk and there's no nearby Denny's to go hang out at, what do you do? Well Brian McClellan sure found a way to light up the night in Connecticut.

Model catches fire atop commuter train

A model and actor was badly disfigured and fighting for his life after catching fire when he climbed atop a Manhattan-bound Metro-North train on Sunday, law-enforcement sources said.
A train crew found Brian McClellen, 21, on fire on the roof of the New Haven line train shortly before 5:10 a.m. in Riverside, Conn., an MTA spokesman said.
The train, which runs on overhead electrical wires, had lost power. The workers had gone up to find out why.
Video taken at the Stamford rail station shows an apparently intoxicated McClellen climbing on top of the train, a source said.
Investigators believe the victim, who lives near Union Square, was burned after a coming in contact with the train’s pantograph, which collects power from the 12,500 volts in the wires.
The crew used an extinguisher to put out the flames atop the sixth car...
His family described him as determined and talented.
Not exactly the words that I'd use, but ok. I'd use adjectives like "thoughtless" and "stupid", but that's just me, I guess.

According to this story, he was on the roof of the train attempting skateboard tricks:

Skateboard daredevil, 21, fighting for life after he caught fire riding New York City-bound train when he collided with electrical wire

I hope the kid survives this, but I also say that there needs to be laws prohibiting people like this from suing the railroads when they defy common sense and bypass the numerous signs, barricades and other devices intended to prevent just such an occurrence. No one else should have to pay for this kid's poor decision-making.


  1. At least it wasn't a freak gasoline fight accident. a male model's life is a precious, precious commodity.

    (channeling my inner Derek Zoolander there. :D )

  2. I shall defer to my high school physics teacher, wherever he may now be, for the lecture on how it is possible to get electrocuted without actually contacting the wire because of the electric fields that surround voltage flows.

    The MTA, the parent entity of Metro-North, is a tax-assessing and taxpayer-funded entity that is always whining about the financial crunches it is in, and always has the hand extended, holding the hat, beseeching the commuters and the taxpayers for more money.

    I know it amounts to but a miniscule drop in the bucket as far as the MTA/Metro-North's budget goes, but perhaps it is worth the 49-cent stamp to send this guy the bill for recharging the fire extinguishers.

  3. Fireman Bill sez.........."HEH HEH HEH HEH!!!!!!RETARD! HAVE ANOTHER BEER!"

  4. Um...kinda the same intelligence level as the squirrel that fried itself on the power pole next to my house.

  5. Sigh... NOT cool... And of course 'we' will have to foot the bill...

  6. Anonymous1:25 AM

    +1 Glenn Hogg

  7. Probably spent his younger youth tonguing 9 volt batteries...
    What a MAROON!

    As James Bond said in Goldfinger, "Shocking, positively shocking!"


  8. Hmm? Seems to me the kid should be prosecuted for trespass and damages. But likely as not with the injuries described I suspect he's going to be the topic of an obituary.

  9. It's a whole new generation of stupid.

  10. Sport Pilot, you hit bullseye on that call!

    Here's the obituary: