Saturday, November 29, 2014

One Year Ago Today.

Miss Memphis Belle came to her forever home.

She's Here.

She came home with me after a series of meetings between Murphy and her, just to make sure that they were going to get along.

The first visit wasn't blogged because I didn't know if it was even going to be a possibility, but Visit #2 was, and so was Visit #3.

Then it was a wait until the animal shelter could do their checks on me, to make sure that I was going to be a good dog owner. They checked with the county to see if I had current dog tags for Murphy (I didn't...but I remedied it that day) and they checked with Murphy's vet to make sure that he was getting proper care and living in a safe house. So I called up the vet and told her that I was looking to adopt another dog and the pound wanted a reference from her regarding Murphy. She replied: "You mean the one that ate rat poison in your house a month ago?"

Yeah. That one.

But she must have given me a decent reference nonetheless, because I was approved to pick Belle up right after Thanksgiving. Animal Control took her to the vet for spaying and a check-up and I was supposed to pick her up there. I admit that I had my reservations when I went to pick her up and the vet gave me the rundown on some new-found medical problems and a bill to correct them that ran over a thousand dollars, assuming that I wanted to keep her. (The pound was willing to take her back if I changed my mind.) That was a lot of money to spend on a "free" dog that hadn't even seen my house yet, but I couldn't send her back, especially knowing that it was highly unlikely that anyone else would adopt her and pay for that treatment. So I sucked it up and handed over my credit card, and a year later I can report that she turned out to be well worth it.

Murphy seems to think so, too.

So happy homecoming anniversary, Belle. And here's to many more years together.


  1. Those are two lucky dogs!

  2. Well done sir! And yeah they are lucky dogs! Belle is sneaky though =)

  3. A perfect match, happy anniversary !

  4. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Happy Anniversary Miss Memphis Belle.
    Congratulations Audie Murphy and Murphy's Law on the addition to your home.

  5. She is a sweetie who deserves her happy home.

  6. I think Belle won what we call the "Forever Home Lottery". Happy anniversary to the three of you!

  7. ....And then you told me about Miss Belle's cell-mate, so now we have Maggie and it's a win for two dogs.
    Happy anniversary Miss Belle. You have a great human to keep in check, but I think you know that already...

  8. Murphy and Belle are wonderful! Thank you for sharing their funny stories.

  9. And they've turned out to be a helluva pair... :-)

  10. Congrats Belle (and Murphy and you)!
    And bless you for giving yet another fine canine a home!


  11. Hey Murphy,

    You gotta admit...they are more entertaining then hamsters.....

    1. Hamsters let you sleep in past 0700 on your day off.

  12. Hooray for all 3 of you! BTW our "free" rescue cost $1K also. We've had her @ 2 months & are disgustingly in love.

  13. Oh, & after the time change her wake up time to go out became @ 5am.

  14. So glad you rescued Belle! And I have no doubt she has had a great life these past 12 months! :)