Tuesday, November 25, 2014

So How Long Before...

How long before petulant man-child Barry Obama issues an executive order to indict Officer Darren Wilson, since the Grand Jury refused to hand down the decision that he clearly wanted?

Hell, since Obama believes that all authority is his and that our Constitution's checks and balances on executive power can't stop him, I'm actually surprised that Officer Wilson hasn't been killed by a drone strike already.


  1. Well, he DID come down on the family's side last night, no question... now it's a waiting game... tick, tock...

  2. Hey Murphy,

    I expect the petulant boy king to "do" something to pacify his base.

  3. NFO & MrGarabaldi are correct: DOJ or the pResident will do something, as soon as Holder writes another opinion telling them it's legal.

  4. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Holder says he is still investigating the shooting.
    Look for some BS, civil rights charges against Officer Wilson