Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Ah, New York.

Eric Garner, a career criminal (over 30 arrests) in poor health fought the police and died. Very sad for him and his family but a Grand Jury made up of citizens who reviewed ALL of the evidence has spoken. No indictment of the police officers involved, because there was no intent to harm him and no gross negligence on their part.

And the usual suspects are outraged and threatening violence again, because facts and due process mean nothing to them unless it's for their own benefit.

My advice to the officer of the New York City Police Department is simple:

1. Be safe.
2. Watch each other's backs.
3. Remember to respect everyone's right to protest peacefully.
4. If the usual suspects aren't content to protest peacefully and they threaten harm or property damage, kick their asses so hard that their unconceived children will be born bruised.

Law, Order and protection of the good people and their property. These things matter more than some unemployed hippie's "right" to throw his own poop while other criminals loot every store in sight.


  1. Christmas tree lighting canceled. At some point people are going to get tired of this crap and really bad things are going to happen.

    I wonder how much Sharpster is making off this?

  2. Why is it our society loves to loudly protest a violation of rights when criminals have died as a consequence of their criminal acts yet there is no loud protest when the President of the Unites States does not attend the funeral of a well-decorated military official who fought & died for this country? *sigh* It's enough to disgust me.....

  3. No true bill from the GJ doesn't preclude a wrongful death civil suit, which will result in some form of settlement with the decedents family. I'm rather certain the LEA in question is more than prepared for this action.

  4. If this law and disorder keeps up, we are going to need an Officer Protection Program for all the cops who are given a no true bill. Perhaps they won't plaster this guys face all over the news and persecute him like Jesus such as they did to Wilson. This anarchy and politicians weighing in on law enforcement issues just makes my blood boil, I tell ya.

  5. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I am calling BS on the choke hold.
    If it was a true choke hold how was he yelling I can't breath?

    1. Windpipe goes in the elbow nook, arteries are depressed, speaking is not prevented if applied properly.
      Video clearly shows resisting although it wouldn't have been significant if he had been shot instead for dropping his hands. Ebola will eventually make it's way back around and clear out the huddling socialites likely improving QOL for everyone else once it is vaccinated.