Friday, December 12, 2014

Another Illegal Sues America After Getting Hurt Smuggling Drugs In.

So here we have Jose Manuel Marino-Najera, one of Obama's "DREAMers"...just here to work, right? And this nice gang of drug smugglers offered to help him get into our country if he'd just carry some of their dope...

And now he's suing us all because, while he was here illegally, bringing dope into our communities, a Border Patrol dog bit him.

Man who crossed border with drugs sues U.S. after claiming Border Patrol K-9 mauled him

First of all, I don't buy his story for a second. Just sleeping when a dog walked up and began chewing on him? Doubt it. That's not how police K-9 dogs work. But the real bite here is the fact that this guy, after being convicted of his part in the drug smuggling and serving six months in jail for it, was never deported and is still in our country! (Thanks Obama and Boehner!)

And sincesewage flows downhill, it's not surprising that he'd find fellow scumbag attorney Bill Risner, who appears to be only too happy to turn on his country and help enrich a border-hopping, drug-smuggling foreign national.

In a perfect country, we'd have a huge border fence running the entire length of our border with Mexico, and we'd have some big catapults to flip illegals like Marino-Najera back over the fence and into Mexico again after they finish their jail terms...and sell-outs like Risner and the losers who buy narcotics would get tossed, too.


  1. Too bad he only got hurt, and didn't get DEAD during his smuggling operations....

  2. Anonymous12:53 AM

    +1 drjim

  3. And he'll collect a big check and stay here... AND probably run more drugs...

  4. If only he had a couple of Milk Bones in his possession....

  5. Because that makes sense... Oiks. And the judge should throw out frivolous lawsuits why? Oh wait. We can't do that unless...nope. Not going there. :) I shake my head.