Monday, December 01, 2014

Belle's Day Out...and Up.

Since if was Belle's anniversary +1, I decided to take her for a little outing, just us two. Murphy got paid off with a fresh marrow bone and she and I went traveling.

First stop: he last place of residence.
We stopped by just to thank them for bringing us together a year ago and let them know how well the adoption was working out. Belle didn't really want to go in at first, but it wasn't long before she was playing with her old friend, E.

They even put her on their Facebook page!
They are great people there and they have several nice dogs and cats there that need new homes.

Then it was off to the airport.
"What kind of car is this?"

Belle hasn't flown before. But we sure remedied that. Up we went under a low broken ceiling with 12-knot winds, which, fortunately for us, were right down the runway.
"Look at me! I'm Sky Queen! Wheeeee!"

And there's the dog pound, from above.
Charlestown Races and Casino.

"You can see everything from up here!"

A bit of banking, just because. Bank to the left.

Bank to the right.

Look down into our favorite secret training facility. Someone has a new compound to play with their armored Hum-Vees in.

Local private grass strip. Always good to keep these in mind for emergencies.

Then back home for some pattern work. I shot six landings, three left-pattern and three right-pattern. The winds made it "interesting", but hey--that's what practice is for, right?

F-86 gate guardian.

Five of the last C-5 Galaxies of the 167th Airlift Wing, on the ground below.

Their new C-17 parked next to one of the old C-5s. C-17 sure looks little, doesn't it?
Half of the C-5s are already gone for good, These last ones will head out to the boneyard at Davis-Monthan between now and May, 2015. So sad.

Runway sports a new white box, just past the "26". I was told that it's for the C-17s to practice tactical landings. Works for Cessna 172s, too.

Plane turned over to ramp crew. It's getting hangared, at least through the winter and spring bird season.

Belle in the FBO.
"OK, enough adventure for today. Let's go home now."


  1. That's wonderful! I had a black lab that I'd take up in my cub I'd pop the window open and bank hard (with sufficient airspace) and he'd bark at the cows on the farm. (family owned, so no one was going to report the low flying barking plane to the feds)

  2. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Sounds like a new adventure for Miss Belle and a good day for you both

  3. Awwww.....looks like she had a lot of fun! :)