Friday, December 26, 2014

So...Jeb Bush in 2016?

They keep making the noises that he's running.

If so, and if he winds up being the nominee, 2016 will become the first year in which I will have not voted since I first voted for Ronald Reagan. Seriously--I will abstain and the chips will fall where they may, because I will not support a candidate who is as "pro-illegal alien" ad Jeb Bush is, and I sincerely doubt that the Dems will suddenly decide to run someone who favors enforcing our current laws and deporting those who are not supposed to be here.

GOP needs to pay attention here, because I'm not the only one who feels this way, especially after working to help pull off a major GOP landslide this year only to see them elect the same failed leadership in McConnell and Boehner, who turned right around and kissed Obama's ass ring as if we elected them to be Democrats.

Fed up? You'd better believe it. And I'm through going along to get along.


  1. I have the flu and seeing this stuff just makes me sicker.

    There really isn't that much difference between the two.

    I'm reading a book that makes a good argument r.e. the Founding Fathers and seccession...

  2. If I don't like either of the candidates who could win, I find the best of the third party candidates--I'm hoping they pay more attention to that than they would low turnout.

  3. I was chatting with my 88 YO lifetime Republican Mom over Chrstmas lunch. She is no longer donating to the "republican" party, but will still send some to individual candidates if they are proven conservative enough. She is adamant, no more Bushes, no more Clintons either. When the party has lost the lifelong supporters like her, they have really shot themselves in the foot.
    Jesse in DC

  4. This old Colorado boy has a long memory and will never vote for the sleazy Texas slicker Bushes. Anybody remember the Savings and Loan scandals? Anybody remember what family controlled Silverado Savings and Loan?

    Maybe they aren't that bad, but they are bad enough I will never vote for one. YMMV

  5. Anonymous9:25 PM

    You should have heard my rant about 2016 election yesterday when the subject of possibly Bush, Romney or Christie heading up the ticket in 2016

  6. I don't like either of the major parties. The only difference between the two anymore is the logo. So I tend to vote least this way, if that party gets 5% of the vote total, they'll get Federal funding next election year.

  7. I'll write my own name on the ballot before I vote for that SOB.

  8. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Jeb would have made a decent president. As governor, he was damned good even with his position on immigration and a couple of other minor transgressions. He was staunch pro Second Amendment and was very pro business. He remains very well liked in the state but I have no idea why he thinks he is electable outside Florida when I know he ain't got a dumb hair on his head.

    1. You're right, and it's a damned shame. I used to really like the guy, but when he turned into the GOP's head cheerleader for the Amnesty movement, that was a deal-breaker.

  9. depends. I would probably hold my nose and take jeb over hillary or warren. If it's him vs someone else than those two, I'd just write in 'none of the above.'

  10. So for the last 28 years, the only way that the GOP has a chance of winning the general election is to go to one inbred family of Connecticut patricians?