Thursday, December 11, 2014

Victim Turns The Tables On Would-Be Robber, Shoots Him With His Own Gun

So in Washington DC, a place where it's illegal to carry guns, an 18 year old named Channel Johnson (seriously!) tried to rob a man with a shotgun.

Unfortunately for Channel, his intended victim grabbed the shotgun from Channel and shot him dead with it. (And yes, I'm smiling as I type this.) As a result, Channel got switched off permanently.

Man kills robber after wresting shotgun away from attacker, D.C. police say
A man who was being robbed in Southeast Washington on Wednesday wrested a shotgun away from a gunman and fatally shot his attacker, D.C. police said on Thursday.

The man who died was identified as Channel Johnson, 18, of Southeast. Police said they questioned the man who was robbed but have not filed charges. The incident has been classified as a death investigation, and is continuing. Police initially said Johnson was shot in the back. He died at an area hospital.

As of this time, the local media is searching for a relative who will give the standard teary pronouncment about how "he was a good boy...just getting ready to turn his life around and get a job and everything." It's also reported that Al Sharpton announced that he was going to speak at Channel's funeral, but then he found out that no white police officers were responsible for Channel's death and he canceled.

It's not known where or when Channel Johnson's funeral will be, but if you want to attend, I'm told that the obligatory funeral t-shirts with his picture on them can be obtained from any one of his close relations.


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the DC police do end up charging the victim with possession of an unregistered firearm, failure to retreat or some other cockamamie charge.
    I'm glad he prevailed in the attack.

  2. We do love a happy ending. That turning your life around can be fatal.

  3. Damn.

    Talk about justice!

  4. Now if only he was shot with #5 shot, the story would be perfect.

  5. Damn! Aaron beat me to it!


  6. Anonymous9:27 PM

    His crime spree ended with a big bang