Thursday, December 18, 2014

With Medical Help Like This...

So this morning, I'm lying on my bed, on hold with the doctor's office.

Down the hall, the dogs are bugged that I'm not playing with them, so they're playing with each other. Not sure what started it, but there was the sound of a squabble, and "Doctor Murphy" came running down the hall with "Nurse Belle" hot on his heels. In an effort to escape her, Murphy jumped up on my bed with a beautiful flying leap, landing squarely on my stomach. And Belle, in her zeal to catch him, made a similar flying leap, only her paws came down on my just a bit south of my stomach.

So did I get an apology for this one-two rabbit punch from my own canine posse? Not even! Murphy tried to hide behind me and Belle chomped him once then ran off, at which point, Murphy decided that it wasn't over yet and lit out in pursuit. By the time that the receptionist came back on the phone, I was just getting back to the point where I could breathe and talk again, and the dingbat duo were engaged in what sounded like a full-on brawl upstairs in the guest bedroom that they're not even supposed to be in.

I knew that I should have gotten hamsters instead of German Shepherds. Hamsters don't jump on your stomach or kick you in the junk. And even if they did, who cares? hamsters weigh like four ounces, not eighty pounds.


  1. Yeah.....but it just wouldn't be the same
    Once you're gone

    6:57 pm

  2. But hamsters escape their cages and bite. They also aren't very good at scaring away burglars.

  3. Hey Murphy,

    I hope you feel better, today might be the turning point....You might start seeing the light(Don't go toward the light) in the tunnel as far as being sick...or it is just Murphy crashing into you again.......Seriously I hope you feel better

  4. Good to see you still live. The dogs were only telling you to get your ass out of bed and pay attention to them.Hamsters don't care one way or the other!

  5. Hamsters might love you, but you can't TELL that they love you.

  6. Well, it DID change the location of the pain didn't it... Sorry to hear things aren't going well! GEt better soon!

  7. Hmmm... no posts Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

    I call dibs on his 172.