Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Justice...16 years and a day too late.

On January 12, 1998, A scumbag named Andrew Brennan murdered Lauren County, GA Sheriff's Deputy Kyle Dinkeller during a traffic stop.

I won't Monday morning quarterback Deputy Dinkheller's handling of the stop initially, but apparently the backstory on it is that he was recently reprimanded for being "too aggressive" with people on traffic stops, and that may have been a factor in the way he chose to handle this situation.

Here's the video of that encounter, from Deputy Dinkheller's dash cam. Be forewarned that it's graphic and painful to watch.

The deputy was hit nine times, the last time being when Brennan ran up and executed him at point-blank range.

Deputy Dinkheller was 23 years old, and his wife was pregnant with their second child. Brennan was an Army Officer during the Vietnam War thirty years before he murdered the deputy and his attorneys tried to claim that PTSD from those days caused him to commit this murder. Frankly, that's an insult to hundreds of thousands of vets who came home and never murdered anyone, but the argument didn't wash, as Brennan was executed last night, 16 years and one day after he murdered Deputy Dinkeller. Good riddance to Brennan and RIP, Deputy Dinkheller.

And for those of you out there who hate on cops and criticize them for the way that they handle people on some car stops, this is the flip side and it shows what happens when they don't take proper control. And that's why most police recruits see this video early on in their training these days.


  1. Bravo, another long awaited needle, I can't understand why it took so long.

  2. I've seen a lot of dashcam shooting videos, and for some reason that one is the worst I've ever seen. I have avoided classes where I knew I would be seeing it. (And I did not know anyone involved.)
    I'm glad to see that justice was finally done, however belatedly. And if you hadn't posted this, I never would have known about it. Thank you.
    I wonder if Georgia would be willing to sell the needle as a souvenir.

  3. The proper spelling of Deputy Dinkheller's name is with the "h" after the "k."

    [Not that I'm trying to be your grade school teacher or anything like that, but the misspelled name poses a challenge to the ODMP search engine.


    1. Thanks for catching that. Fixed.

  4. PTSD has been a plague forever under different names. Most sufferers don't kill anybody because of it. They just deal.

  5. Hey Murphy

    I am sure needle boy didn't know about the dashcam...He probably figured he got away with it. I am glad to see him ride the needle to hell. Another one that is painful to watch is the one where the big guy slugs a female cop with his fist and you hear the crunch. that one always gave me the "whillies"

  6. Good riddance to very bad rubbish, and its a shame its taken this long for him to finally face justice.

  7. We had to watch this for our training many years ago. Still makes me tear up each time when I hear the deputy's screams and his last breath.