Thursday, January 08, 2015

Na, na, na na...Hey, heeeey! Good-bye!

It's well past time, but the California woman who has been using her Senate seat to strip Americans of everything from their guns to their real property rights--unless there was something in it for her--is finally retiring.

Barbara Boxer Calling It Quits.

In a stunning display of "If I can't be in leadership, I'm leaving" petulance, one of California's liberal senators is slamming the door on her own ample ass in 2016.

Remember her? This is the woman who, in 1992, while still a member of the House of representatives, wrote 87 bad checks against her account in the House Bank, part of a large-scale corruption scandal involving reps from both parties. But what really stood out was when Boxer then took to the House floor to vote in favor of new legislation that would prohibit public disclosure of the records showing who bounced checks and for how much.

That sort of thing must have resonated right with Californians, most of whom seem to lack and sort of fiscal responsability based on their state's long-term financial mess, because they elected her to the Senate right in the middle of that scandal, and ever since then, she's been a reliable vote for gun control and legislation that put large swaths of public land in other states off-limits to development.

But she's now touting her "thousands of accomplishments" as she rolls towards the door. I wonder if she's referring to her bills intended to lower the cost for illegals to mail money out of our country or her emotionally-unbalanced criticizing of an Army general who dared, in full adherence to military regulations, call her "Ma'am".

That last gaffe at least gave us this funniest of political commercials:

Comedy gold aside though, I won't miss her, and neither will any American citizen who values her or her freedom.

The only downside to her leaving is that California just gets to elect another radical liberal to the position. Now me, I'm thinking that that state should be denied further representation until they get their own house in order and learn to control their own spending.

But again, it's because of ideas like this that no one ever lets me be president.


  1. Hearing this news early this morning just made my day!

    I don't remember seeing that YouTube, but it's priceless! I do remember her ill-mannered berating of the General, and I wrote her a letter, snf posted it on the blog. She never replied to me. Chicken s**t hypocrite.

    1. I've posted that video before. Seems to me that you need to spend more time here reading through older posts. ;-P

  2. I sooooo stole it!

  3. Good bye. And other things I can't say without having to go to confession after.

  4. Anonymous7:54 PM

    I would vote for you for president

  5. Wooo! Californians have been trying to vote her out of office for years! Good riddance!

  6. Boxer AND Feinstein leaving?

    WoW...what's next?